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Butterflies Children's Day Nursery in Cannock

Newsletter – January – March 2019
Happy New Year to you all.

The themes for the months are:
Winter animals and a veterinary practice.

We will be creating a vets.  There will be many toy animals for the children to practice their veterinary skills.
We will be discussing the pets we have at home.  If you would like to provide a photo of your pet/s that would be great. 

Tuesday 5th February – Chinese New Year.  The year of the Pig.  For the week from 28th January we will be having Chinese food tasting sessions to give all children the opportunity to sample different snacks.  Please ensure we have a completed food tasting form on record to allow your child to participate.

Thursday 14th February – Valentines Day.  Children will be making valentines cards and painting pictures in red to celebrate.  Please dress in Red, we will be making cards and talking about people who are special to us.

Tuesday 5th March – Pancake Day.  We will be tasting various pancakes during the day and having pancake racing.  Again, please let us know of any food allergies to ensure all children can join in.

7th March – World Book Day.  Please dress your child in a character from their favourite book.  There will be a prize for the best dressed in each age room.

Please ensure your child is appropriately dressed for the weather including wellies.  Even though the cold weather is here, we do still aim to have outside play each day and your child will not be able to enjoy this if they cannot remain warm and dry.

Early drop off & late collection of children
It has come to our attention more children are being dropped off before and collected after their session times.  As we have ratios to maintain it is sometimes not possible to accommodate this, and we may have to refuse them.  You will also be charged for any additional time on the next invoice.  If you are likely to be late collecting please ring to inform us to ensure we have the staff capacity to maintain the ratios we must meet.  If we have to ring you there will be a £10 fee for the call in addition to the extra time.

At this time of year many of us book holidays.  Please complete a holiday form to keep us informed when your child will not be in.  This really does help with our staffing.

Please let us know via email or telephone if your child is not going to be in due to illness.

Invoices and payments
Invoices are issued towards the end of the month for care the following month.  Payment should be received by the 10th of each month to prevent late payment fees of £25 per week being added.  If you do have any issues, please speak to a senior member of staff.

Kind regards
Chrissie and the team